Monday, July 9, 2012

Old Traffic Ticket stress?

Beginning January 1, 2012, San Diego Superior Court will be granting amnesty on the unpaid amount due on traffic-related bail and fines imposed more than three years ago.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

5 Top Reasons Why You Hate Lawyers

Number 5:

Lawyers, like doctors, techies, and other professionals speak another language. You don't want someone to think of you as "Respondent" or tell you about the next "OSC" that you need to file another "I&E" for. You want someone to call you by name and give you clarity. Your case may be the lawyer's 50th divorce case, but it's your first and last! (hopefully)

Number 4:

Lawyers just don't understand. They step in after you've lived a lifetime and expect to know everything there is to know. They don't know your kids, your assets, your spouse, your pain. They don't understand what waking up as you everyday has felt like. They need to listen more, talk less. They need to learn more about you than your monthly gross income.

Number 3:

Lawyers see you in only one frame of reference. If you are getting your living trust done, you are nothing but an "asset holder". If you are going through a divorce, you are nothing but "husband" or "wife". If you want that $10,000 your ex owes you for support, you are "mother" or father". Lawyers should try to see you as a whole person. A person with a hundred different sides, moods, strengths, weaknesses. It is your whole self that needs legal help, not just one aspect.

Number 2:

Lawyers are unreachable. You live with your case every single day. To you, its not a date on a court calendar; it is your life. You need updates, you need to know that someone is on your side at all times, you need the peace of mind that only comes when a lawyer communicates with you. Basically, you need your calls, emails, and shouts from the street answered within 24 hours.

Number 1:

Lawyers are expensive. Lawyers count the seconds that you speak with them on the phone, probably charging a dime for each tear you shed while you explain your situation. Lawyers double charge when they have their secretary listen in. Lawyers prioritize based on how big your retainer is. Recognizing that lawyers need to make a living too, you need flexibility to decide how you are comfortable paying. You need transparency so that you are fully aware of the costs going in. You need compassion and not someone nickeling and diming you while you struggle during a time of stressful legal proceedings.